Monday, July 5, 2010

one day i hope

Running nose, messy hair, innocent face and a dirty dress, sometimes with his baby sister in his arms… a figure comes across me daily asking me “oka rupai anna, aakal vesthundhi”..(translated: one rupee brother I am hungry”).. I choose to ignore him daily without any reason as he does that… but in my mind a conflict starts “I should have given him some money… no no then I will encourage him to be a beggar in future”.. this conflict never ends and it starts again every morning I see him…what should I do?? …cant put him in a school I myself aint independent..

what can I do but just hope that one day he will be able to read this post and feel proud that I did not give him the money

Support child education… join ngos during ur free time please!!


  1. I share similar feelings.... i struggle a lot to overcome such things. but i beg to differ with what you said in the end..

    Encouraging/helping/working for an NGO is nothing more than scratching an itch and get some relief... temporary. NGO's can never address the root cause of any problem we are facing. I came to understand this and stopped spending time on NGO's

  2. Jyoti Rajan
    I agree to ur feelngs as i too am trapped in same situation evryday.Again dnt u thnk dng sumthng by urslf i much better thn gng round abt via ngo's.If they r really old people and just cnt do anythng but dpnd on people it is good to hlp thm.And as u said wrt kids dnt u thnk it wl b mre gud if v pare sumtym get thm some job so tat they wl eat the fruit of their hardwrk n nt the lftovr.First let thm njoy fruit of hrdwrk thn they thmslf wl try out ways to improve. Just we all need to be a tepping stone for them n they all wl fly out in beautiful colors.