Tuesday, July 6, 2010

chaddi ke peeche kya hai.....??

I realised of late that i read the most in my bathroom ...those 10 to 15 minutes in the bathroom is the time when everything from the day's newspaper to the current novel is read by me..i have been doing it for the last 10 years.

This is how it all started. Once i was seen going into the bathroom with a book in hand by my dad...as i came out my dad shred the book into pieces and then was ready to shred me into pieces... as i was getting whacked for disrespecting goddess Saraswathi, although what he had done while shredding the book was not of importance, all i could do then was to concentrate on the song "CHOLI KE PEECHE KYA HAI" running on tv at that moment and Voila!!an idea!

From next day onwards everything right from the newspaper to any novel was hid behind my pant right behind the elastic as i went into the bathroom...the only fear was getting busted due to the strange rectangular outline on my pant...and every time i had to go to the bathroom instead of dressing down i had to dress up with a loose shirt to cover the strange rectangular outline..Now my brain is working on an idea on how to hide my laptop as i go in to the washroom...its difficult trust me.

This habit has led me to a chronic book lifting habit which never seems to go away. Every time i go to a mall with a bookstore there is this sudden urge to lift a book and push it behind the chaddi :D... and i have been successful till today and up to 26 books have become mine for free...so much for the child brain which came up with this incredible idea ...


  1. dude!! awesome! i actually once took my big pad and placed it on the cloth hamper onto which i had put my 1TB hard disk , my laptop, cell, ipod and newspaper, with an extension box into my bathroom, charging the laptop, cell and ipod, while giving power to the hard disk.

  2. I am gonna try it too..getting inspired from this..!! For more ideas I'm following you..:P


  3. LOL! did you try to blog from the bathroom:)

  4. Hi. Came over from Indiblogger. Your dad sounds like my mom. I had taken a newspaper into the loo many years ago. My mother had a fit when she saw me do that! My friend on the other hand, understands the importance of having good reading material while you go. So she's made this little niche in her bathroom where books are shelved. It even has a cute little curtain!!