Sunday, August 8, 2010


The headlines of today’s national dailies screamed that some businessman contributes 33 crore rupees to the tirumala temple as a donation. This is a common occurrence that huge sums of money ranging from lakhs to crores are regularly donated as religious offerings to temples and other spiritual places

What could the reason be for such huge donations... satisfaction or eliminating guilt or both of them? Recently a festival “GURU POORNIMA” attracted hundreds of people to the sai baba temple near my house... every one contributed at least a sum of 2000 rupees towards the temple…looking at people braving the rains and standing in the crowd just to get a glimpse of the rituals being performed shocked me..

Where does such huge amount of money come from… more importantly where does it go and most importantly does it really improve the quality of life of the donors…if I had to comment by experience I would say no it doesn’t improve the quality of life of the donor … there is man braving the same rains standing outside the temple trying to sell phenyl for rs 20 just to support the mentally handicapped kids in his foundation.. None seem to worry about him and he was blissfully ignored... and the sad thing was that he was not begging instead he was making something useful and asking us to buy it so that he can run his foundation

A temple made completely of gold … the millions on lights used to lit up the akshardham temples… just give a bad signal towards what’s wrong with blind faith...everyone wants to go to heaven when they can make earth a utopia to live in..
Yes there maybe arguments about these temples improving the life of downtrodden people but that improvement is very less than what can actually be done to improve these situation presently prevailing in our country.. don’t blame the politicians for corruption and waiving public money, just think how morally corrupt have we become that we have started bribing the so called gods to feel good or get rid of the sins done… a small favor like giving lift to an elderly man gave me so much happiness then just imagine, these people can get infinite happiness but doing small but helpful work every day instead of investing in blind faith and idiotic superstitions..

Finally the argument boils down to me talking out like a communist… this isn’t how a communist talks that’s what I want to say…. And please make a conscious effort to invest in someone instead of just blind faith….

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