Saturday, July 17, 2010


INCEPTION I must say is a Christopher Nolan masterpiece. One of the most brilliant stories written and the direction has no words to describe it…it just left me speechless, this movie held me on the edge of the seat every moment.

Right from the start the movie just moves so quickly from one scene to another with just about 20 min spent on explaining what inception is ….then on it’s a real roller coaster ride for the audience with every bit so thrilling and awesome… all the actors fit the bill perfectly and NOLAN sir you are one of the best directors such perfect portrayal of such a beautiful script just makes this a 10 on 10 movie.

In simple words the movie would be a DREAM… Its actually multiple layers of dream and you will enjoy every layer of it thoroughly… whoever came up with this beautiful idea truly must get all the applause …HATS OFF TO THE CONCEPT

Inception is all about ideas and ideas working like parasites..the visual magnificence and exuberance of nolan's direction is everything the movie is about. But putting everything aside what makes this film so great is in the the ideas and the tricky and uncanny way the director takes us through this joy ride

Its really tough to write a review without spoilers right now but my advice is “INCEPTION is a movie best watched if a person goes to the hall without knowing what a helluva experience he is going to have watching the movie…and please watch it in IMAX..watching it in a pc or pod will just not let u enjoy the sheer magnificence of the movie

Height of awesomeness… astounding….believably unbelievable are some of the adjectives I would love to attach this movie it…. Thoroughly enjoyable and full paisa vasool… I literally feel every buck of the 200 rupees that I spent for watching this movie in IMAX is worth it… in fact it’s an invaluable film …one of the greatest movies ever made

Movie aside SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION , INCEPTION is coming to conquer you wherever you are number 1….

The applause as the end credits rolled in shows the impact this film made on the audience who were thoroughly enthralled by every bit of it
For once I felt the notice don’t miss the beginning or the ending meant something …

And finally “THE TOTEM KEEPS ROLLING!!”\m/…………….

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