Saturday, July 10, 2010

My list of the top 5 war movies made

Schindler’s list
This movie deals with a true story of OSKAR SCHINDLER who helped jews being tortured by the Nazis during world war 2 in Poland.. it shows how this man helped thousands of jews escape the torture by the SS to lead a more peaceful life in Czechoslovakia…
This is a spielberg masterpiece shows poignantly and emotionally how the jews in Poland were tortured and brilliant acting by liam nesson and the people who played the jews makes this movie a must watch for everybody…

This movie is set during the vietnam war… the director oliver stone himself a Vietnam war veteran presents the in-fighting in a force split across economic and slightly racial lines…the story narrated by Charlie sheen as a letter to his grandmother captures the war mood perfectly and the cons of in-fighting in a very beautifully shot film…

Inglorious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino is at his best again in this movie..his own interpretation of the end of world war 2 he changes history completely and there is complete entertainment blood....true tarantino style … a total masala film… christoph waltz in a negative role is brilliant and very deservedly won an oscar for it… a very good tarantino movie which gives u no time to settle down in your seats…

black hawk down
This movie potrays realistically the savagery in a war.. the blood the violence the depression and the pain and loneliness are captured perfectly by the director ridley scott… being the exact opposite of platoon where the soldiers are ready to die for each other.. this movie is one of the best war movies and inspirational movie I have seen

saving private ryan
Another steven speilberg masterpiece which involves less of combat and more of the marines emotions and feelings how they long for a peaceful life and how they are ready anytime to fight for the country sacrificing everything… ably led by a very good actor tom hanks a team of 8 is made to search for a private named ryan whose brothers have been killed in the war and is the only son left in his family.. the combat scenes especially the attack from the sea have been captured beautifully but this movie is more about the human emotions and less about combat

The movies that almost made it
The hurt locker
Apocalypse now
full metal jacket

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