Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why not to vote for Jayaprakash Narayan and the Lok Satta Party

The lok satta party right now with all its intentions lies in some corner of the state waiting to be identified; it looks like an underdog very capable of capitalizing on the frustration of the people towards the parties existing. Frustration is a powerful tool for change in opinion and may cause haste, so be cool and think about is we ready for a change? Isn’t it beautiful the way we are living now? Why change when life is moving on smoothly. Don’t vote for him or his party there will be radical changes causing discomfort.

For starters their motto is “The silence of good men is more dangerous than brutality of bad men”, a city which lives and dies by the maxim “CHALTHA HAI YAARON” and has strong cultural traditions bound to it should never follow this maxim, the line that defines our state especially the capital will be lost forever ... taking things seriously is not our cup of tea...we must actually burn a few buses just for fun protesting against JP for trying to change our basic thought process…

There will be an effort to weed out corruption... Eradicating corruption!! What are we some CHINA or something? The basic factor that differentiates us from others is corruption, where will the big houses in the city go then, where will the fat paunches go? How can we jump lines to get ahead of the deserved, How else can we comment on the corruption sitting on a sofa and you will need to walk kilometers protesting it, what do you prefer walking 5 kilometers against corruption or eating biryani in paradise, most importantly how will ARNAB GOSWAMI orgasm in office then (I know this joke is getting redundant).

Strengthening the judicial system seems to be a priority basically by recruiting young bright minds, hmm young judiciary, if that happens we will miss legendary shows like rakhi ka insaaf which have cult following and dispense easy justice...A. Raja will be shown youngistaan ka wow and we will stop having Deepika Padukone in the Pepsi ads "can we afford that!!!"...Biggies can’t kill people on the road, we will miss all the blood and public gore so much so that “natu kodi pulsu” may lose its taste for the lack of violence in the city …and finally most importantly ram gopal verma cant make a super hit movie!!(Which I personally detest because it means pukable nisha Kothari will come back)

Liberalization of agriculture that will improve the life of 55 percent of INDIANS, what will happen to our exclusivity? Farmers will start roaming with ipads and farm with iPods… you will look no better than them, there will be no rags to riches story to get motivated from… there wont a be farmer who became a cricketer… as a country which is emotional, these are the basic things we thrive upon, we can’t afford to lose it…

Political reform …hahahahaha… seriously why would you reform something that involves throwing pots and mikes, snitching, betrayal, lifting ballot boxes, raping women... The newspapers only source of survival “colorfulness” will cease to exist and the boring Shakespearean dramas are all that we will be left to watch. What about the film stars we worship if we start voting for him, there will be no twitching the moustaches, hitting the thighs, orating movie dialogues, the few small things that we worship...

As I reach the midway through my article I realize, damn it none of you reading it is even going to vote… For us Harman baweja dancing and ravindra jadeja playing cricket is more important than voting…why would we even miss that for an hour to select an old bozo to represent us…when you people are anyhow not going to vote the purpose of my article has been achieved….


  1. Man should try to be a politician or non-voter. Rest all are bakras.

  2. Sarcastic yet thought-provoking is the comment the author expects to this, but not to be so for me...

  3. sorry to dissapoint you but i kinda expected plain boring...thats how it was when i wrote it

  4. Good one... But the solemn truth lies in the last stanza... Sad!

  5. I appreciate your implicit message and the objective of your article But I found no difference between what you did and what Mr.Goswami is doing..!!> Taking shortcut is natures law, human being is no different. We must build systems which doesn't allow exceptions and shortcuts. However,I belive, without peoples' true realisation of facts and their plight, JP cannot do any thing, and that is not going to come through such articles, !.I hope you have voted last time and will continue to do in future,..!.

  6. nice read... but as said earlier the sad truth lies in the last para....