Sunday, October 31, 2010


In the dark corners of the engineering world lies a university so cruel and sadistic known to mere mortals as JNTU. Scoring 70 percent is a big deal and with a class like mine there is salt added to injury when you score 70 too.

What happens is that the JNTU management takes the liberty of showing the anger they have for their spouses on the students, so we have a rocking semester which has 48 units plus 30 experiments packed into a maximum of 120 days,with the bandh it can come down to a paltry 80 days,then comes the baap of everything JNTU EXAMS…

It is during this time that Tigers become pussies scampering around KOTI bookstores ,lecturers and pussies roar in their new found happiness and this hell breeds different types of creatures who come into their own just before these exams


These people are seen around very rarely. Don’t listen to arbitrary comments. Cleanly set up everything from pencil to pad and most importantly hold a book 10 minutes before exam just to show off whereas in their minds they are virtually writing answers to the most probable questions lists already. Characterized by neat formal dresses and the serious”I will achieve whatever the case is” look.

Dreadful mugger

These types are found aplenty all over the college,they remember even the page number along with the paragraph and line number for a particular question.The page number of questions along with the author and the publication year are remarkably spewed out...

Why are they dreadful? It is because they tense people by telling answers which one might have not even imagined in their wildest dreams,you will be shocked when you are explaining someone an answer, they keep interfering by correcting a few prepositions and adding punctuation orally,Characterized by completely bitten nails and neatly combed hair and constant bee humming sound which is actually their voice while revising.

The cutting master

They are the people who belong to the above two categories but come up ten minutes before and tell “WHAT EXAM IS IT TODAY, Damn I came to know about it this morning” and slowly they become creatures who have suddenly mutated to become better than the toppers.Characterized by the suspicious corner of the eye look and secret laughs as other minions around them discuss the subject

The helpful tensed man

They are perpetually tensed for gaining as much knowledge as possible even a second before exam, if given a chance they will come to write the exam 10 minutes late, they are helpful to people around them as they believe their give and take policy will make them more perfect, the more knowledge they give, the more they gain.Characterized by frequent hair combing with hands… the ponting face (click here to know the look) as someone explains some concept…. Frequent visits to toilet and excessive intake of water too

“I do it for the kick” man

They don’t come prepared talk about subjects in military lingo, don’t give a shit about marks and are usually the chit addicts, this type always want to have an adrenaline rush even if they are going to get royally screwed in the exams.We can always see them with a pen and paper in their hand, no they are not writing to prepare instead they are making chits instantly as people discuss concepts. I know one person who goes nowadays with an empty chit to the exam hall so that he can get the feel of the thrilling atmosphere.Characterized by suppressed tension and a stupid attempt to look cool and frequent punch dialogues to the aforementioned categories…

The knocked out pessimist

Having panic attacks every half an hour while preparing for the exam,unknowingly goes to sleep with the book falling down,believes in the last second and is damn sure that failure is the most probable outcome so is always the most happiest person coming out of the exam hall.Characterized by dreary eyes red in color and most probably unshaven and grumpy face along with the messy hair

These are the general categories of people you find around …although many other types exist they are minorities and I go against my country's policies by not giving the reservations to the minorities in this list and have blissfully omitted them

With that you have seen the type of characters bred in hell so don’t be surprised once you die and end up in hell… I am sure it will be better than this at least… and finally JAI HO SPECTRUM ALL IN ONE


  1. jntu \m/ sadly i dont use all in ones :( n i guess im missing d fun element... but nice topic man, many will enjoy it for sure :-)

  2. good one... reminded me many from my batch..

  3. hmm... I fall under the "i do it for the kicks" Chit ready.. :) but I study as well.. so no labels..

    Anyway, about the post.. it's pretty apt and you've hit a lot of deers right on.. dead in the center!

  4. kewl observation man.. but in wat category do u fall? plz elucidate ! :-)

  5. Hahaha.. hilarious count... good read too. Is there a separate category for you or you fall in one? :P

  6. i am the observer..a minority who just observe people preparing as we have completed studying the previous day itself..

  7. and these ppl are the THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.!!

  8. i've enjoyed evry sentence frm 1st to the last laughing hell loud

  9. LOL.. so true..
    sai i can guess who all u have observed :D :P
    but one thin...i din know any1 hu gets an empty chit... :o

  10. Rofl good soon as u describe ... someone from our class comes to my mind...

  11. happy for the comments you have i already said "you write very well :-)"

  12. awesome observation!!!! really really true!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. the best description ever.....

  14. each category reminds me of diffent ppl i had been with durin the exams....& u definately blong to the third category

  15. LOL i was so lazy to read this post, but when i started it i had to go till end.. nice work!!

  16. nicely done! reminded me of my first univerity exams!