Saturday, September 25, 2010

Are you fanaticized?

Being caught suddenly by a trove of this breed is quite entertaining and at the same time funny to see what they preach, especially if you know such a person outside this fanatic world of gibberish preaching.

One thing that I could automatically realize is that religious fanaticism comes not from deep rooted faith, but from lack of any. There are many people who end up being fanatics for one reason or another as i discovered a few days back.

Fanatics are just jobless and clueless people pretty much the same situation I am in right now, but these people haven’t discovered the daru that I have and are putting their thoughts towards the pseudo attempt to save a dying religion from the clutches of evil ( I wouldn’t imagine a person trying to do this even if he was high but still this is the bitter reality that needs to be swallowed). A Fanatic is such a person who will almost succeed in convincing you that other than believing in god and living a moral life there are other things to do pertaining to your religion so that you can get

a)no rebirth …a bed in Himalayas and a handful of angels

b)72 virgins not specified if guys or girls

c)the golden chance to party with the gods with free liquor flowing around

d)the simple pleasure of having wings(no youngistaan not the ones you get at kfc...i am talking about the ones you get under your armpits)

Choose the option connected to your religion and if your confused about it choose option D you do realize then that you are a tom and jerry fanatic instead.

How to identify a fanatic (or) Different types of fanatics (or) Shithole filled with crap identification

a)He beats the shit out of every woman he comes across wearing something western with the reason being as simple as being rejected as a loser by a similarly dressed girl when he blabbered shit about religion and most probably slapped or spat upon when he started the KLPD demonstrations( read the first three meanings after clicking klpd to completely comprehend what it is)

b)Sends random mails to random people related to JEHAD(love jehad is really the funniest shit that I have read till now)or something related to all other religions other than his.These things come from a person who has not understood his own religion and is weak in his own faith and has no frigging idea what the source of the article he is spreading was.

c)When you communicate all you get is abstract and completely irrelevant talk with chants of their respective god names at the end of each sentence.They don’t have any replies to the topic actually being discussed.I have observed two levels of such people

fanatic level 1:-The same god name chant will be repeated in the same tone always

fanatic level 2:-Different chants with different tones matching the tone of the line they just said.This requires lot of practice and extreme levels of experience in KLPD too

d)When you talk to him you will most probably end up confused and more confused and even more confused about your belief.He will take his preaching to such nonsensical levels that you will haplessly search for support and will be ready to fall on his feet and tell him to close the shithole called his mouth(of course very politely)or as my famous bearded lecturer says, “IN OTHER WORDS” you will feel exactly like those IIT crash course days where you would sit on your ass for 6 hours and come out failing to remember everything that you learned in school

e)Finally, if none of the above criteria is satisfied and you are still experiencing the symptoms of getting nowhere then most probably the fanatic you have encountered is a drunk beggar on the street who doesn’t know what he is blabbering about and you are also just too drunk

Finally what you learn from the whole experience is

This fanatic is a jobless freak who just wasted 20 minutes of your anyhow useless time telling something even more useless.The fanatic feels he has made u get rid of your so called attitude problem and enlightened you with some good shit(not the ganja type shit)

If you are religiously ignorant then you would have learnt the name of a few new gods and saints in your religion,If you fight with pigs in shit you too end up getting shitty and that is exactly how you are left feeling.

Most importantly you need a beer right now

So to end it all if this article makes you feel just like I expressed in the above points then you are a fanatic but ignorant about it and all the self proclaimed saviours of religion reading this all I want is haleem throughout the yearkalmadi should be made the president of USA and finally I want a permanent 6 pack absOM SHANTI SHANTI as my favorite fanatic puts it!!

P.S.: the frequent occurrence of bold words and italics are the side effects of writing answers in college externals


  1. heheh.. the truth generally untold.. and not accepted by fanatics who hang on to a religious shit as u mentioned.!!

  2. hey nice1 bro....... is dat bearded lecturer ur OS sir...

  3. Blunt. Brilliant. Opinionated~
    Love it!

  4. you can add this, Fanatics make you write blogs! :)

    ps: talking reality for once.... nothing is religious; its only political. Religious fanatics are the success stories of the Politicians.

  5. wahaoo..simply awesome!!!dude u rock!!

  6. really funny...but rnt u scared of all the fanatics in the blogging world?

  7. well a fanatic in this world only made me write this blogpost.. just how i felt..glad u liked it

  8. Fanatics refuse to accept any other view point other than your own. I hate fanatics be it religious, political, animal rights, women right. If you cannot try and see the other point of view you are stupid. Simple as that.