Friday, September 10, 2010

Komaram puli-the review

Finally I got a chance to watch a first day show of a movie of a top star in the hero worshipping tollywood and what a dampener it turned out be… the boisterous crowd was a big plus and the enthusiasm was also infectious but the whole movie turned out be a headache right from the first scene to the last…As the hero jumps out of a helicopter to the end of the scene introducing PK , newton would have committed suicide had he watched it… What the lead actor pavan kalyan is known for is his nonchalant style of dialogue delivery and the only talent of his is shown only in the last scene of the movie where he gets beaten up by the villain .. when it comes to the rest of the movie he is just an actor who looks like a person controlling his pee and giving prepared speeches to everyone around him… the walking style , the way he holds his gun just look like he is going to collapse any minute or going to have a nervous breakdown…the only scene that’s worth mentioning is where PK’s mom has a really good dialogue duel with the villain manoj bajpai who is at his worst portraying a psycho crazy for power in a very crass way..

The already mediocre music of the movie was completely destroyed with the picturization of the songs which was no less than situation less and it was the only place where the heroine had a role…just imagine a song with the heroine wooing the hero immediately after he slaps her…

The last scene was over the top just like any other masaledar tollywood movie that we see always but again it differed here too,it was of a very bad taste and very nonsensical…pavan kalyan stole the limelight in the last scene and was coming into his own but sadly the movie was over by then... the heroine deserves no mention as her work was nothing, absolutely nothing except to act as a slutty wife and starring in songs…the shreya item number was awesome… but then nothing can hold together a horrible story and even more horrendous direction… kudos to the movie for making an action movie as nonsensically humorous and as preachy as possible

To sum it all up the mood of the movie was just how the policemen felt while PK was delivering his speech after receiving his award in the beginning… “YAWNNNNN!!!”…

Comments from my dear friends who watched it

“Arey I won’t go out, if I go out I won’t come back into the hall again”- Avinash during intermission

“The hero is behaving like a Kojjodu (eunuch)” - Pradeep

“What rey, movie is nice only na”- Rakesh

“He redefined the terms of gravity in the opening sequence”-anirudh in chat :p

“KILL ME, KILL ME, KILL ME”- yours truly during the movie

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